A Citadel, mostly common in the old civilizations is severally defined as a stronghold, a strong heavily armed fort, the last place and defense in time of war, a heavily armed and strongly defended place, the fortress for protecting a town, the strongest part of a fortification with bastions, the part of the medieval castle with high walls than the rest of the town and the last line of defense should the enemy breach other components of the fortification system. It represented centralized authority; it was the shrine of gods and a royal place which served as a refuge and stronghold in times of peril containing military and food supplies. In times of war it afforded retreat to the people living in the areas around the town. It was what had to fall for a city to be taken by an invading army.

For every human being their human capital i.e. the stock of skills and knowledge embodied in the ability to perform so as to produce economic value must be their Citadel. This includes their intelligence capital (Knowledge, Skills & Attitude) and also their social capital (networks & the team spirit). Thus each person’s stronghold, last line of defense, is the human capital gained through education and experience. At Citadel Consulting Limited we believe in enriching this human capital to fortify the personal Citadel.