Of what use is money in the hand of a fool, since he has no desire to get wisdom? - Proverbs 17:16

There are many people who want to attain financial success but they continue to do all the wrong things driving themselves away from their target. They enter the rat race; earn – pay bills – get broke – borrow – earn – pay bills and the cycle repeats itself.

They live a life of scarcity instead of a life of abundance. Would you like to spend one day preparing to change your financial life for the better forever? Many organizations experience various human resource challenges ranging from high staff turnover, frequent pay hike demands, pilferage and wastage, appetite for credit, low productivity, absenteeism, stress related issues and low staff morale.

In an effort to address these challenges staffs are taken through training and work benefits are improved but the effects only last for a short period before the same challenges resurface.

Employees who are empowered to relate their financial wellness to the financial wellness of the employer get to keep enthusiasm and focus.

Our financial literacy programs which can be facilitated by an employer give staff a chance to see employee benefits as a shot in the arm for their financial wellness. By introducing them to concepts of personal finances they get more focused, less susceptible to financial sharks and in the long run better planners of their personal finances who appreciate that “ what counts is not how much you are paid but what you do with it”.

The HR challenges mentioned above naturally recede. Investing in financial literacy is setting forth on the path to financial success. The modules available include;

a)       Financial Wellness at the workplace

b)       Creation Master Class

c)       Pre-retirement preparation and

d)       Financial Talks on topical issues